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Hello! My name is Natalia and I am  a professional photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks so much for your interest! I’ve been interested in  photography for many years. I guess it all started with the first plastic film Kodak my parents gave me when I was 16. I always had it with me, photographing everything and everyone around; needless to say my house back then was full of rolls of films, negatives and printed photos! Since then, lots of things changed; now I shoot digital and there’s no need for film anymore but those faded photo prints are still with me as very precious memories and fragments of my life.

As I was taking my two boys’ pictures from the moment they were born, through the years I realised how that is what I enjoy doing the most. People and everything about people is my thing: kids, families, friends, couples. And most importantly: their emotions, smiles, sometimes tears (always of joy), their happy moments and most important events and days in their lives. Weddings, family shoots, birthdays, baby’s first steps and smiles. Step into my studio for a unique photoshoot. I like capturing those fleeting moments on my camera and I love seeing people smiling when they are looking at their photos that I took. I have a very friendly, relaxed approach when photographing children and families; there’s nothing worse than when people around you are not relaxed and comfortable and not enjoying the photoshoot. I am very good with children; over 10 years of experience with my own really helps, I guess!

I am very attentive to all your needs; I work closely with every client and I am thoroughly prepared for every photoshoot whether it is on location or in my studio. Some events such as weddings can be rather stressful, fast-paced experiences; I am always there for my couples, at every stage of this important day capturing their special moments. My style is a natural mixture of candid and formal photography, I capture a lot of special, spontaneous moments but I’ll also direct you for more formal group photos which are very important too. As for my background, I took a lot of courses and workshops over the years and I recently graduated from The Photography Academy Of Ireland. Feel free to contact me with any query you might have or if you wish to book your photoshoot. get in touch.

Warmest regards,


For bookings or if you have any query, please use this form, I will be delighted to hear from you!

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